Here’s a personal invitation to ABFE Level 2 from Ian White:

Level 2 is your opportunity to participate in:

  • An in-depth analysis of 21 Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Inspiring new research and developments
  • Sharing and discussion of case histories
  • Open forum and question time
  • Energy and Flower attunements
  • Working with and tuning into Nature Spirits and Devas together with their crucial role in a plant’s life cycle
  • Exploring and expanding on emotional issues relating to themes such as sexuality, anger, sadness, spirituality
  • Guided meditations and artwork
  • A stunning visual presentation of the flowers used to make the Essences as well as the diverse regions of Australia in which they grow

Please note that to take part in Level 2 workshop you will need to have attended Level 1, purchase the Level 1 DVD or the Correspondence Course.