Here’s a personal invitation from Ian White to the Happy Healthy Kids workshop

Happy Healthy Kids traces a child’s emotional and spiritual development from preconception, through pregnancy and birth, to age seven. We look at key emotional issues and a wide variety of common problems a child may face at each stage of growth, with easy-to-implement solutions and appropriate Bush Essences. The workshop is full of practical advice. You will find it equally beneficial whether you are experienced in using the Essences, or if you have never worked with the Essences before. As there are no prerequisites to attend this workshop, it may prove a very rewarding introduction to the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Happy Health Kids will allow you to understand and address:

  • The metaphysical aspects of children, why and how they incarnate and why they choose their parents
  • The new generation of children – the bridging generation
  • The role of parents in enhancing the full development of the child
  • Developmental stages from conception to 12 with associated issues
  • The birth experience and the emotional consequences thereof
  • Enhancing learning skills
  • Starting school and school issues: bullying, peer pressure, developing social skills
  • Understanding children through Numerology
  • Starting school – separation problems and learning
  • Sleep problems
  • Toilet training
  • First aid and common health problems
  • Open forum and question time